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Ankle ligament reconstruction surgery is usually carried out to treat sprains and instability.

What does it involve?

This type of surgery is usually carried out as a day case procedure where you will be given a general anaesthetic along with an injection around the ankle so that it’s numb and pain-free after surgery.

In some cases, the surgeon will first carry out ankle arthroscopy to inspect the joint before repairing the ligament. The procedure itself involves one incision (cut) on the outside of the ankle to allow the surgeon to locate the scar tissue from the torn ligament near the fibula bone, and carry out a repair with stitches to the bone.


Immediately after surgery:

  • Your foot will be in a plaster cast below the knee, numb and pain free
  • You will be sent home only once you are comfortable, when you will be given a follow-up appointment and painkillers if required
  • You will be referred to a physiotherapist who will advise on a rehabilitation programme and help you to walk, without taking your full weight at first
During the first few weeks:
  • Elevate your foot (raise it above the level of your heart) as much as possible to reduce swelling
  • Move around only when you need to, for example to wash or use the toilet. Don’t put weight on the operated leg
  • Some blood ooze can be expected. However, if you are worried, contact the Fortius Clinic for advice
  • Your doctor may suggest that you take anti-inflammatory medication for around six weeks after surgery
Follow-up appointments:
  • Everyone is different, so healing and post-operative programmes vary from person to person. However, the schedule of follow-up appointments below is typical:
  • Two weeks - your wound will be checked and you will be fitted with a new boot
  • Six weeks - your boot will be removed and you will be able to wear normal shoes
  • 12 weeks - final appointment and discharge