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Donor Eggs

Women who have suffered from conception problems such as ovarian failure, increased risk of ovarian diseases, and other genetic diseases opt for donor eggs. Different factors, such as aging and genetic diseases, have often led to conception failure. Opting for IVF through donor eggs can increase the chances of conception. Orion IVF aims at carrying out egg donation with the complete safety and consent of the concerned couple.

What is egg donation?

Egg donation, also known as oocyte donation, is recommended for women who want to conceive or undergo IVF after attaining a certain age or if the ovaries have stopped functioning. With increasing age, the quality of egg seems to deteriorate and hence, women have a tough time conceive in the later stages of their life.

If you have failed to conceive due to poor egg quality (disease and age) and want to experience the joy of parenthood, Orion IVF is there to help you with egg donation.

When should you get egg donation done?

Candidates, who have failed to conceive, need an egg donor. Well, you may be a valid candidate for donor eggs only if you satisfy the following conditions.

  • Premature ovarian failure leading to an early onset of menopause especially
  • Poor egg quality- This is mostly a condition due to aging when fertility begins to drop or any other pelvic disease.
  • An infectious, genetic condition that can be passed on to your child
  • Repeated history of IVF failure, mostly due to the poor quality of eggs.

Mostly, women over the age of 40 prefer using donor eggs. However, the other conditions under which you may be a valid candidate for donor eggs include

  • Hormonal disbalance
  • Aging
  • Women born without an ovary due to congenital anomaly
  • Unexplained IVF failure
  • Ovarian insufficiency

Doctors at Orion IVF will carry out a few tests and ultrasounds before providing you the donor eggs.

Egg Donor Profile

At Orion IVF, we have healthy Indian women who are our potential egg donors. They are below the age of 30 and are tested for their fertility. Moreover, they are also tested for the risk of other diseases such as Hepatitis and AIDS. Our doctors evaluate the egg donor panel before accepting the eggs.

With Orion IVF, you can expect high success rates with egg donation. Following the Indian law, we make sure to maintain the anonymity of the egg donor as well as the recipient. Since it is a highly confidential matter, you can always trust us with the risks involved.

What are the criteria of an egg donor at Orion IVF?

At Orion IVF, the criteria of an egg donor include

  • Falls under the reproductive age, preferably above the age of 21
  • No reproductive problem
  • Healthy and regular menstrual cycle
  • Has children of her own
  • Physically fit
  • Emotionally healthy
  • Ready to conduct the tests carried out by doctors at Orion IVF
  • Agrees to injectable medicine
  • No smoking or alcohol consumption

Success Rates for Donor Eggs
Orion IVF has delivered high success rates for conception through donor eggs since fresh embryos are used. Most of the reports produced by the IVF clinics have shown that the poor quality of eggs has led to conception failure. At Orion IVF, apart from screening the donor, we also screen the recipient and check the ability to carry the pregnancy to term.

After the screening of gametes, you may only be allowed to carry the pregnancy if you are emotionally and physically strong enough to carry it.

Cost of donor eggs in India
The cost of donor eggs varies on a significant basis in India. To know the charges of donor eggs, you need to get in touch with our professionals at Orion IVF. You might as well find the details on our official website. We guarantee high success rates.

Questions to ask

How is it different from embryo donation?
While egg donation and embryo donation are suitable for women with poor ovarian reserve, in egg donation, the husband’s sperms and donor egg are used. Still, in embryo donation, both the gametes come from the donors. Egg donation is a long process.

Will we be able to screen the donors?
As recipients, you won’t be allowed to screen the recipients since complete anonymity is maintained. Our doctors at Orion IVF screen the egg donors thoroughly, so you can be sure of the quality.

You may not have control over how your child looks physically, but they will pick up your mannerisms as you bring them up.

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