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Donor Embryos

According to research, around 15% of people around the world suffer from fertility issues. This is one significant problem in today’s time. To solve the problem of infertility, many couples opt for a number of other ways to conceive a baby. Embryo Donation is one of those procedures that might help in easy conception.

Many people opt for frozen embryos that are given to them via IVF treatment to become pregnant for the future. But, some patients already have their families completed even before using these frozen embryos. The couple donates these unused embryos to another infertile couple who has had a problem in conception. Infertility is a major issue, and most people come forward to help other couples. Orion IVF is one of the leading fertility clinics in India that may help you with the conception procedure.

What is embryo donation?

Embryo donation refers to the process when one couple decides to donate their frozen or unused embryos to an infertile couple. The embryos are only donated when the respective couple has completed their family by conception. The decision of embryo donation completely depends on the couple.
The decision, as stated above, for embryo donation is dependent on the couple, but they may also have other options such as

  • Destroying the embryos
  • Donating for further research
  • Donating for an infertile couple
  • Cryopreserve it for the coming times.

Process of embryo donation

For the IVF treatment to be successful, not all embryos are transferred to the uterus. For a successful conception, only 2 embryos are transferred, and the rest are frozen for the future. If the couple conceives in the first go, they may choose to keep the remaining ones frozen.

At Orion IVF, two types of embryo donation are conducted

  1. Donated Embryos by a couple who have already conceived
  2. The embryo produced from donor eggs and donor sperms.

If you choose to undergo the embryo donation process, you need to know the following.

  • For 14 days, the endometrium will be prepared by providing a controlled dosage of estrogen. After the 14th day, progesterone will be given.
  • The frozen embryos will be thawed and prepared for further procedures.
  • The transfer of the embryo will be done when the endometrium is ready. The embryo will be transferred into the uterus via the vagina and cervix using a small catheter.

Test of the recipient lady

Our doctors at Orion IVF will transfer the embryos to your uterus, only after conducting the tests. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for a physical checkup and laboratory history.

The doctors will conduct medical and obstetrical history so that our doctors can understand your chances of conception.

Some of the tests that will be conducted include –

  1. Uterine evaluation using sonohysterogram, hysterosalpingogram, and hysteroscopy.
  2. Our expert doctors will test you for potential infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Chlamydia, Syphilis, and other tests for STI.
  3. The medical history, age, and health will be taken into consideration to ease the embryo transplant.

When is the pregnancy test done?

After embryo transplantation is done, a pregnancy test will be carried out on the 14th day. If the result is negative, the medications will stop, and you will undergo your normal menstrual cycle.

Embryo donation is a very safe procedure, and there is very little chance of any risk. Orion IVF ensures to maintain complete hygiene and safety to avoid the risk of infections.

The success rates with embryos are higher as compared to other procedures of IVF treatment. When the endometrial lining is good, the chances of conception will also be high.

What questions to ask?

It is natural to be worried about the procedure. So, some of the questions to ask before opting for donated embryos include –

  • What was the condition of embryos when frozen?
  • What was the age of the donor female? What is the quality of embryos before being frozen?
  • How long has the embryo been frozen?
  • How many couples conceived using the same group of embryos?
  • What is the live per birth ratio?

What is the price of embryo donation?

At Orion IVF, the price of embryo donation is less as compared to the normal IVF cycle. Book your appointment today with us to know the price.

Will I get to meet the genetic parents?

At Orion IVF, we carry out every treatment as per law. According to Indian law, embryo donation needs to be carried out anonymously.

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